Wing Foiling in Hyères

October & November 2023

Two short trips to Hyères (France) in mid-October and mid-November.

The aim: to learn wing foiling

It is a nice long drive of 750km passing Milan, Genova and Nice, usually with some traffic jams on the really busy motorways – not to forget the mandatory stop for an espresso in Italy.
Leaving home at 6am took 10 hours, leaving at 3.30am only took 8 hours, so the earlier you can leave the better.

The reliable mistral wind was good to learn with but really strong at times. The huge sandy bay is a safe place, I recommend the Giens side, the shore break on the Almanarre side is much bigger.

A perfect wing foil spot

The huge sandy bay on the side close to Giens is a good place to go out and also safe place for beginners. Enough space to setting up your gear and taking a break between wing sessions.

The southern end of the bay is easy to access, there is also free parking in walking distance.

What wing sizes?

You will need quite a range of wing sizes, from 3m if the Mistral is hammering and 5.5m or bigger on light days. The evening sessions are beautiful – during my time here, the wind usually dropped a bit towards the evenings. Wind statistics:

Water temperatures?

Almanarre sea temperatures reach their peak, ranging from 22 to 27°C, around August 17th and are lowest around March 1st, ranging from 12 to 13°C. The warmest period is in mid-August. For early morning, dusk, or windy conditions, a 2mm neoprene top or shorty is recommended. In early March, sea temperatures are best suited for a 4/3mm wetsuit with 3mm boots, though a 5/3mm wetsuit may be preferable for extended sessions and colder, windier days. Source:

More cams on YouTube


Camping & Food

Camping International is a good place for camping or staying in a mobile home. Direct sea access wir winging and windsurfing, or you walk 5 minutes to the south end of the large bay.

There are some nice cafes and restaurants in the Giens area.