The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

April 9, 2023

During my four week stay in El Gouna, I decided to do a two day trip to the Pyramids with my friend Gisela to bridge two no-wind days. We stayed at a charming hotel located right at the entrance of the visitor area of the Pyramids in Giza. One of the highlights was seeing the pyramids illuminated at night from the hotel restaurant terrace, creating a breathtaking sight.

The following day, we had a private guide for an entire day, who provided fascinating insights into the history and significance of these ancient structures as well as an excellent guidance through the Egyptian museum. The museum is a must see as we were able to see many of the artifacts and treasures that were buried alongside the pharaohs. It is estimated that the Cheops pyramid was constructed over a 20-year period around 2560 BC.

Private Tour Guide

Our private guide – booked via Viator  – was excellent. The full day included the Pyramid tour and an excellent guidance through the Egyptian Museum.

Hotel Tip

The Pyramids Valley Boutique Hotel is nice and simple and most important, right at the entrance of the pyramids with a stunning view of the illuminated Pyramids at night.

Shop & Eat in Cairo

If you have enough time, check out the Khan el-Khalili Market in the old center of Cairo and have dinner at the Khan el-Khalili Restaurant.


Uber works great in Cairo! You need Internet access though.

Khan el-Khalili Market in Cairo

We also visited the Khan el-Khalili Market, which is full of souvenirs an local hand crafts. Right next to it is the Egyptian restaurant Khan El Khalili Restaurant et Naguib Mahfouz Coffee Shop where we wanted to have dinner but was completely booked due to the end of Ramadan.