El Medano 2017

Two weeks kitesurfing vacation in El Medano on Tenerife, the biggest Canarian Island. The vulcanic island’s rocky coast doesn’t offer too many spots for watersports, so the bay of El Medano is pretty much the only option on the island.
According to www.windfinder.com, the wind ist strongest in July and August. During our two weeks, we still had days with light or almost no wind – rather exceptional for this time of the year.
The bay itself with its large sandy beach is a nice area to launch your kite, there is a strong shore break on many days.
The water is very choppy and usually lots of people on the water. The schools are teaching along the shore, so playing in the shore break with a directional board is unfortunately not an option.
Live webcams of the kite beach let you check the current conditions anytime.