Kitesurfing Waves in Indonesia

Kitesurfing Waves in Indonesia

Lakey, Sumbawa, Indonesia

the remote Indonesian island turned out to be a total winner. The spot is famous for surfing, while the wind is blowing almost perfectly side-shore, making it great for kitesurfing too.

The two hour drive vom Bima airport to Lakey leads through villages and hills and you get already a feeling on how remote the spot is. Lakey itself is a 2 kilometer beach strip, with one surf spot after the other. Nungas is the place for kitesurfing.

Best season for kitesurfing for wind and waves ( is August to October, which happens to be the hottest and driest months ( of the year. 

You will find lots of places to stay on Airbnb and Google Maps while personally, we can recommend Nungas Heaven and the Rock Pool Home Stay.
We tried a couple restaurants, our favorite is Fatmah’s and right next to it the Ship Wreck.

If you are interested in wave clinics, there are two excellent options: Kite Surf Wave Clinics and Indo Kite Camp, both run by professional kite surfers.

Surfing in Baleal near Peniche, Portugal

Surfing in Baleal near Peniche, Portugal

Surfing and fine eating in Peniche, Portugal

One week surfing and chilling in Baleal, near Peniche in Portugal. We stayed at the Silver Coast Beach Residence, which is close to the main spot. The hotel offers really nice rooms and a great breakfast. For a nice beer, the best places are the bars on the beach during sunset. There are plenty of good restaurants for dinner.

Cycling on Mallorca (Spain)

Cycling on Mallorca (Spain)

Cycling on Mallorca

One week great road cycling on the island of Mallorca (Spain). Mid April is perfect, nice mild Spring weather. However, it can be cold as well. We had a few chilly mornings with temperatures around 10 degrees.
We stayed at the Hotel Viva Blue & Spa. The town of Alcudia is the perfect place to start off your daily cycle trips – not too busy and lots of tour options. The hotel provides all you need including a bike storage and a professional gym.

Rome, the eternal City

Rome, the eternal City

Rome – birthplace of the western civilisation. Once you have visited the ‘eternal city’, you will be overwhelmed with its history, the archeological witnesses and the endless number of ancient buildings. You can almost feel the former power of the Roman Empire and you will get an idea of its rise and fall – and – the empowering of the Catholic Church.

Our four day trip was thus a unique experience topped off by the excellent Italian cuisine, the amazing Gelati (ice cream) and certainly the incredible huge number of tourists.

Most important: make sure you get a hotel in the center. We stayed at the Hotel Smeraldo and can absolutely recommend it.

Vatican Museums

We started with the Vatican Museums on our first day. You can avoid the lines by booking a guided tour in advance – an absolut must if you don’t want to queue for hours. The museum is huge, a three hour tour worked out well for us. It also includes the Sistine Chapel and the St. Peters Basilica.

We also went to the top of the basilica where you get a stunning view of Rome and Vatican City.

Colosseum & Forum Romanum

Despite its barbarous and bloody history, the Collosseum attracts millions of visitors every year. Just the size of this amphitheatre, which could host up to 80’000 spactactors, and the imanigation that tens of thousends of human lives where sacrified for the sake of entertainment conveys a mix of disbelief as well as devotion.

This virtual tour gives you an idea about the ancient setting of the Collosseum, including the Forum Romanum.

Right next to the Collosseum, or in fact as part of it, is the Forum Romanum, a group of several important ancient government buildings at the center of the city of Rome.