A Day at Kanaha

A Day at Kanaha

…with strong wind and decent waves, captured by the Kanaha Web Cam on the Life Guard Tower. The cam is online during daylight hours here on Maui i.e. 11.p.m until about 5 a.m. in Europe.
Maui Wind gusting up to 40 mph

Maui Wind gusting up to 40 mph

Kiting with de-powered 5m

Yes, we went out at 1 pm, with a de-powered 5m kite! Not very pleasant and alomst nobody on the water. Also, many f* ups on the beach while peple were launching their kites.

Preá – Brazil 2015

Preá – Brazil 2015

Vila Prea – a great place to stay!

Vila Prea is the prefect place to stay in Prea. Right on the beach, beautiful bungalows and an amazing restaurant. The ecologically run property with seven bungalows under the palm trees with private patios provide an idyllic atmosphere. The rich breakfast buffet and excellent restaurant provide all you need, right at the beach.

Downwind sessions…

One of the best things here in Prea are the downwind sessions along the cost. In general, if you are into waves, downwinders are best in the evenings, an hour before the tide is peaking.

The downwinder from Prea to Jeri is about 10k long, the one from Jeri to Guriu about 15km – see Google maps. Riding into the sunset is unbelievable and if you like, you can combine it with a trip to Jeri and enjoy a Caipirinha while watching the sun going down in the Ocean.


Jericoacoara – or just Jeri – the epicenter within a few hundred miles if it comes to nightlife, shopping and eating…. grab a Caipirinha from the beach bars and watch the sun going down in the sea. From the restaurants we have tried, we can really recommend Kaze Sushi Bar and Tamarindo. For drinks, the SambaRock Cafe right in the centre is certainly a good start. There are dozens of shops, along the main street as well as on the small side lanes, mostly selling local arts and beach stuff – all ridiculously overpriced.

Jericoacoara National Park

Egypt Kitesurfing in El Gouna

Egypt Kitesurfing in El Gouna

El Gouna

The first week of our El Gouna (El Gouna on Google maps) late April vacation comes to an end. Good wind so far, but quite colder than we were expecting! We had a few days where temperatures were way below 20 in the mornings and combined with the 30+ knot wind we had for two days, our light shorties were definitely not enough – so we went straight back to the hotel room after kiting for a hot shower! Looks like the temperature is coming back to normal soon…..

We are kiting mostly at the Mövenpick hotel resort Kite People kite station, but intend to go to the Kite Boadring Club (KBC) a little further up the beach since there is more open space and also the more consistent wind. It is also cheaper at KBC to use the kite facilities and you only pay the days where you actually kite. On the other hand, the Kite People is just in front of the hotel Mövenpick, just a few meters from our room.

The Mövenpick hotel resort is really cool. Nice rooms, good food and lots of additional facilities like fitness room, multiple swimming pools and bars, several alternatives to the main restaurant with the large buffet.

Final wind statement

5 days solid strong, 4 days light (half day), 5 days nothing

Lesson learned

It can be cold in Egypt in April – bring your wetsuit

Brazil Kitesurfing in Prea

Brazil Kitesurfing in Prea

Brazil 2014

Kitesurfing in Prea

Pousada Vila Bela Vista Preà

We stayed the whole time at the pousada Vila Bela Vista Preà, run by an American-Brazilian couple. The place is awesome! Big swimming pool, very good restaurant, where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. The wooden bungalows are beautiful with indoor as well as outdoor shower. Plenty of space for the kitesurf gear. The puosada is right on the beach and there is a small kite station, that belongs to the hotel.

The spot

The kite spot is right in from of the pousade, you just need to walk 100m across the sandy beach. There is a small kite station with fresh water shower. The water is choppy and during high tide, there are nice small wind waves which makes it a lot of fun with the surf board. Just a few other kiters usually on the water.

Downwind sessions

One of the great things is doing downwinders, either from Preà to Jericoacoara and from Jericoacoara to Guriu. For both, you will need a driver with a buggy.