Egypt Kitesurfing in El Gouna

Egypt Kitesurfing in El Gouna

El Gouna

The first week of our El Gouna (El Gouna on Google maps) late April vacation comes to an end. Good wind so far, but quite colder than we were expecting! We had a few days where temperatures were way below 20 in the mornings and combined with the 30+ knot wind we had for two days, our light shorties were definitely not enough – so we went straight back to the hotel room after kiting for a hot shower! Looks like the temperature is coming back to normal soon…..

We are kiting mostly at the Mövenpick hotel resort Kite People kite station, but intend to go to the Kite Boadring Club (KBC) a little further up the beach since there is more open space and also the more consistent wind. It is also cheaper at KBC to use the kite facilities and you only pay the days where you actually kite. On the other hand, the Kite People is just in front of the hotel Mövenpick, just a few meters from our room.

The Mövenpick hotel resort is really cool. Nice rooms, good food and lots of additional facilities like fitness room, multiple swimming pools and bars, several alternatives to the main restaurant with the large buffet.

Final wind statement

5 days solid strong, 4 days light (half day), 5 days nothing

Lesson learned

It can be cold in Egypt in April – bring your wetsuit

Kitesurfing in Hamata, Egypt

Kitesurfing in Hamata, Egypt

One week great kitesurfing with my friend Thom. From the six days, we had five days with good wind and one day with super light wind. A lot of action and fun!

The spot is amazing! The huge sandy knee-deep lagoon doesn’t feel packed even with 80 kiters on the water. You will always find a spot for yourself. The kite centre is very professional and provides everything you need. From equipment and storage to showers, beach chairs and a bar/restaurant.
Don’t expect too much from the hotel Whadi Lahmy Azur. It is nice and clear, the food very basic though.

On the light wind day, we tried a 16m kite and a 165cm board for the first time…. not quite the same like small gear, but better then killing time on the beach.
Kitesurfing in El Gouna, Egypt

Kitesurfing in El Gouna, Egypt

After two weeks of training, we finally reached the point where kite surfing is a lot of fun! We can water start easily and stay upwind, so we have left the tiring part behind us…..
We spend two to three hours on the water every day, depending on the wind. It is usually strong in the morning and slows down after two o’clock in the afternoon. If we are lucky, we get some breeze again in the evening.