Brazil December 2020

Kitesurfing Prea, Brazil

December 2020

Three weeks at Vila Prea a few steps from the beach in an amazing place with beautiful quiet bungalows and a great restaurant. We had wind every day, mostly using for 7m, a few times for 8m kites with our strapless boards. The wind can be very gusty and the water is usually choppy.

Vila Prea is certainly our favorite place in Prea, it is quiet and beautifly with its many palm trees. We loved the food. For the perfect sunst, you will need however to go to Jericoacoara – a must to enjoy a Caipirinha while watching the sun go down in the sea. Jeri also offers nice restaurants and nightlife.

Restaurant Tips in Jericoacoara

Kaze Sushi restaurant

Our number one place for dinner is certainly the Sushi restaurant Kaze. The quiet open air restaurant offers amazing Sashimi and Sushi.

Reservation is recommended as it is very popular and the only Sushi restaurant in Jericoacoara.

Kafila oriental food

Another great place for dinner is the oriental Restaurant Kafila. We were last there in 2018 and liked it a lot, just didn’t make enough trips to Jeri this time due to the COVID19 situation….

Bella Italia

Bella Italia

September 2020

Amazing autumn road trip
trough the beautiful North of Italy


Do the 30 minute walk from the town to the Castello die Vezio.

Take the ferry to Bellagion for a Gelato and stroll the beautiful lanes.


Stay at Relais San Vigilio al Castello.

Walk along Murra Venezia.

Have dinner at Piazza Vecchia.

Visit Campanone an der Piazza Vecchia.

Visit Basilika Santa Maria Maggiore, Torre del Gombito and Duomo di Bergamo.


Giardino Giusti

Museo di Castelvecchio

Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore

Ponte Pietra

Funicolrare di Castel San Pietro

Duomo Verona

Basilica of Sant Anastasia

Torre dei Lamberti

Piazza dei Signori

Piazza delle Erbe

Arche Scaligere

Inside Verona Youtube Channel



Experience Venice’s Spectacular Beauty (National Geographics on YouTube)

The close by small Island of Murano is a must see besides Venezia

Biking in St. Moritz

Biking St. Moritz

July 2020


The high valley in the Swiss Alps

The sunny high valley of Engadine, nature shaped by lakes and glaciers and the flair of St. Moritz. The recently opened flow trails are a lot of fun for bikers – you will be able to up to 3’1000 meters on Piz Nair and cruise down through snow patches (from the past winter) down to the beautiful lakes.

Bernina – Piz Nair

Bernina – Morteratsch

Kitesurfing Waves in Lakey

Kitesurfing Waves in Lakey, Indonesia

After the amazing three weeks kitesurfing in Lakey in 2018, we just had to go back to this amazing spot with its solid consistent waves and strong wind.
We rented Marc’s house and got Tima’s excellent Indonesian style cuisine.

Lakey is simply an amazing place if it comes to surfing and kitesurfing. The consistent waves and strong side shore wind conditions makes it an absolut world class spot. 

Single Trails in Lenzerheide

Single Trails in Lenzerheide

August 2019

Lenzerheide Valbella

Amazing weekend in the Swiss mountains. Single trail mountain biking, beautiful lakes and the stunning vista of the majestic mountains.

We took the chairlift up to Piz Scalotta did the nice single trail straight down and then back up to Piz Scalotta again. Then the ride to Stätzer Alp and from there back to Valbella. Super nice, great trails, easy to ride – lots of fun though.

The main place for biking though is Lenzerheide Bikepark, which was closed due to the UCI Wordlcup races.


Bike tour Durannapass


June 30, 2019

Amazing bike tour in Graubünden.

Starting in Davos, going up with the cable car to Weissfluhjoch (2700 m) then single trail down to Strelapass, further down to Langwies and then up to Durannapass – a long but easy climb. Super nice downhill to Schifers and then up to Davos again. 

Surfing Bali & Lombok, Indonesia

Surfing Indonesia

June 2019

Kuta, South Lombok

We stayed in the surfer lodge Drop In near Kuta. It turned out to be a great choice, the lodge has nice and clean bungalows, good breakfast and a beautiful tropical garden with lots of spots to hang out and chill after surfing.

It is a 15 minute scooter ride to Gerupuk, where the boats will take you to the surf spots “Outside” (advanced) and the two easier spots “Inside” and “Don Don”. We surfed “Inside”, good for beginners, however, also quite crowded – check Lombok surf map at
Don’t forget to stop at Cafe Fin on the way back for a fruit smoothie or a bite to eat.

Kuta is within a ten minute scooter ride and offers dozens of restaurants with all kind of different food, You will find everything from local Gado-Gado to Italian Pizza – and vegetarion/vegan options in most places. We can recommend:

  • Lalapan – really simple restaurant with good local food
  • Kenza Cafe – trendy place with local food
  • Milk Espresso – another trendy restaurant with local and international food
  • bamba – elegant restaurant with great choices in nice athmosphere


Medewi, West Bali

After an almost full day transfer to Medewi (West Bali) we spent one night in the Brown Surgar Surf Camp but decided not to stay there and switched to the Kelapa Retreat and Spa a real luxury place. We had a huge room with a private pool – simply amazing, but a 10 minute scooter ride from to surf spot. In general, it might be a good idea to book on short notice, since we got lucky with a 50% deal!

Medewi is a small town, with not too many restaurants and places lodges/hotel, if you want to stay close to the main surf spot. We checked out a few places which we would consider for next time:

  • UMADEWI Surf & Suites located on the beach front, just a few steps to surf! Very clean, with a big pool, rooms facing pool or sea (surf break) and a nice restaurant
  • Bombora Medewi Wave Lodge also a few steps from the surf sport, it it slightly less luxurious (we haven’t actually seen the rooms), really nice restaurant and a small pool
  • Hotel Medewi Beach Inn is a bit further back from the beach, nice and simple hotel with a pool but and a nice restaurant

The surf spot is super nice, you paddle out from the beach. The are stones all over the beach which makes it a little tricky to get out, also you have to watch the tide and check the water depth – we got a few cuts from the rocks, so you need to be careful.

We were super happy with our local surf guide Ali – just contact him via WhatsApp on +‭62 878 605 887 85‬ if you need surf lessons in Medewi. 

Canggu, Denpasar, East Bali

The last stage of our surf trip was in Canggu the new trendy district of Denpasar. We stayed at the Kima Surf Camp a popular place for surfers in the area.

During the three days in Canggu, a big swell hit the shore and we were not able to surf. Instead, we did some cultural things, such as visiting the town of Ubud with its temples and rice fields.

In general, the area in Denpasar is very busy, super crowded and totally traffic jammed. 



During Ramadan, things are a bit more quiet. Usually not a big deal. At the end of Ramadan, there are extensive celebrations – which we enjoyed watching a lot. The next day, everything is closed (e.g. surf instructors don’t work), sometimes two days or even more.

Early Morning Surf Sessions

It is hot in Indonesia, with only small differences between summer and winter.

However you might appreciate a warmer top for the early morning sessions.


Indonesia is huge, countless islands, current population of 270 million people, mostly Moslems. Balis is mixed between Hindus and Moslems.

Waves, wind and rain depends on the seasons, current conditions on


Kitesurfing Waves in Indonesia

Lakey, Sumbawa, Indonesia

the remote Indonesian island turned out to be a total winner. The spot is famous for surfing, while the wind is blowing almost perfectly side-shore, making it great for kitesurfing too.

The two hour drive vom Bima airport to Lakey leads through villages and hills and you get already a feeling on how remote the spot is. Lakey itself is a 2 kilometer beach strip, with one surf spot after the other. Nungas is the place for kitesurfing.

Best season for kitesurfing for wind and waves ( is August to October, which happens to be the hottest and driest months ( of the year. 

You will find lots of places to stay on Airbnb and Google Maps while personally, we can recommend Nungas Heaven and the Rock Pool Home Stay.
We tried a couple restaurants, our favorite is Fatmah’s and right next to it the Ship Wreck.

If you are interested in wave clinics, there are two excellent options: Kite Surf Wave Clinics and Indo Kite Camp, both run by professional kite surfers.

Lake Zürich Kitesurfing

First time Kitesurfing on Lake Zurich

Autumn storm Fabienne terminated the amazing Swiss summer with a large low pressure system, hitting Switzerland on Sunday, September 27.
With a perfect timing, the wind kicked in late Sunday afternoon, just early enough for a two hour amazing kitesurf session…

Surfing in Baleal near Peniche, Portugal

Surfing and fine eating in Peniche, Portugal

One week surfing and chilling in Baleal, near Peniche in Portugal. We stayed at the Silver Coast Beach Residence, which is close to the main spot. The hotel offers really nice rooms and a great breakfast. For a nice beer, the best places are the bars on the beach during sunset. There are plenty of good restaurants for dinner.

Cycling on Mallorca (Spain)

Cycling on Mallorca

One week great road cycling on the island of Mallorca (Spain). Mid April is perfect, nice mild Spring weather. However, it can be cold as well. We had a few chilly mornings with temperatures around 10 degrees.
We stayed at the Hotel Viva Blue & Spa. The town of Alcudia is the perfect place to start off your daily cycle trips – not too busy and lots of tour options. The hotel provides all you need including a bike storage and a professional gym.

Winter Skating Obergoms

Freezing -16 C in Obergoms

First time skating was a great experience. We’re totally hocked from this sports which is easy to learn and a perfect exercise in winter.

Brazil 2017

Brasil 2017

Great three weeks kitesurfing in Prea, Brazil. Consistent wind, maybe a little lighter than usual, still mostly on 7 meter kites, a few times 9 meter, even a few days with light wind.

Staying at Vila Prea was again the perfect choice. Super nice bungalows and great food, the beach just a few meters from the pousada.