We have received our new photography for our living room. The photography shows an abandoned car in the middle of nowhere in the desert of Arizona.
The photography is part of Peter Püntener’s “The End of the Road” series.
The series is made up of several hundred abandoned cars – all in the USA. Forgotten cars, that nobody is interested in anymore….

The End of the Road

“The cycle The End of the Road is the result of many and long voyages across the US between 2000 and 2010. The work includes as many as 70 panoramic images. It is a series of abandoned cars, which had been discovered in different and sometimes gorgeous parts of the United States. There are no human beings visible in the pictures. Yet their absence evokes questions about the driver’s fate and the circumstances of the grounding. Was it an accident, a failure of the engine, or a crime? The pictures prove the abandoned cars to be ambiguous monuments of achievement and decline. Bleak and poetic, they turn into a discomforting momento mori and a symbol of failure. This complexity also mirrors the decline of the USA as a global power and lends the American way of life a bittersweet aftertaste.”

Peter Püntener

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