For the last two weeks of April, we went to Cape Verde for kite surfing. After many kite vacations on flat water, we needed a more exciting spot.

Since we already have a 6″ kite surf board, we decided for Cape Verde, hoping for small waves. It turned out to be the perfect decision and we have spent many hours practicing with the surf board instead of the twin-tip. After some time, we removed the foot straps and practiced strapless

The kite beach itself is actually a 10 minute drive from the town center, between the sand dunes in the middle of nowhere. We took a pickup taxi every day and carried our equipment back and forth. The kite station is rather basic, but with a nice restaurant – which is in fact the only place where you will find shade…..

The wind was a little light at the beginning but got better in the second week, making the spot realy exciting with fun waves and bumpy water. There was also a big swell on the other side of the island at Punta Preta, but you need to be really, really advanced to kite there.

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